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Best way to start blogging

23 Apr 2015

By Ashley McKernan, Senior Support Officer – Arts, Media & Culture

Creating your own website and blog has never been so easy! Whether you’re a new face to the blogging world or an experienced user with some web design courses under your belt, there are many tools and platforms to help you get started!

Not sure where to begin? An easy way is with a little help from WordPress – available in two versions – WordPress is your ultimate blogging platform to the world.

Whether you choose or to run your own blog, creativity and originality are at your fingertips. This platform is so great that we offer a WordPress course. is the ultimate start-up tool for any new blogger. Here, handles all the “nitty-gritty” stuff – while you can focus on your own original content. Sit back and let your content speak for you.

Here are some reasons why may be worth exploring:

   1.     Worry-free Website Hosting

The great thing about is that all the background technical information is handled for you. Not up to date on HTML5 and CSS3? Not a problem. With, all security, hosting, and backups are done by site programmers.

   2.    Personal 24/7 Support and Assistance

Having trouble with formatting or need a little assistance with basic website customizations? has personal one on one support, along with an interactive question and answer forum amongst all WordPress users. Chances are, if you’re having a problem, another blogger has as well! Take advantage of group discussions and forums to get the most out of your experience.

   3.    Social Media Integration

A blogger is always social-media savvy – it only makes sense for you to tweet, promote, Instagram and Facebook your posts! Posting across your social media platform is a simple as configuring your settings just once. After that, every original post you publish will immediately cross-post to your various social media platforms. is’s older sibling: it’s independent, it’s powerful, and it’s evolved! If you already completed the Web Professional Plus program, then is a fun challenge. It’s all about customization, maintenance, and personalization. It’s your blog – your way – no strings attached.

Here's how you'll know is for you:

   1.    Independent Customization and Themes

Sometimes you want your blog to be a precise representation of your message. Customization is the way to do that. While is customizable to a point, is limitless. Build your own themes, customizations, installations, and plugins. Want your website to be a certain shade of blue? Want your photographs to revolve through a slider? Want a static header message? All easily manipulated – it’s completely embedded in your own independent code.   

   2.    Plugins Galore!

Plugins are an extension of your website: they are software add-ons that give your website added functionality and originality. Not available on, plugins are a great way to customize your website to your own specific needs. Browse through an inventory of thousands of plug-ins that are available to you at the click of a button! Everything from website stats, extensive social media integration, Google Analytics, spam-blockers, comment moderators, security, and website contact information – can all be maintained through the addition of plugins. Your options are limitless.

   3.    Bundle Your Website does not offer site hosting and backup – that’s all on you this time around! But it’s not a drawback, as this allows you the opportunity to get creative and pick and choose website options applicable to your needs.


Sites like GoDaddy, BlueHost, and SiteGround allow bundle packages to get your hosting needs – and the most out of your investment. Domain names, website hosting, security, and personal emails are all items that can be combined together for your convenience.

Keep in mind that if you’re planning to grow your blog into a thriving business, independent hosting might be perfect for you.

Whether you’re Blogging For Fun or Profit – good luck!