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Frequently Asked Questions for our Spring 2021 Term

7 May 2021

This page is an additional resource for Continuing and Professional students at Sheridan for information regarding our response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. As the situation is rapidly evolving, please check back frequently for updates and new information. 

Please refer to the main page for Sheridan Updates, including Health and Safety policies and protocols. 

faqs for spring 2021

How are classes being held for the Spring 2021?

Most of our courses for the Soring 2021 term will continue to be held either virtually or online. On-campus learning is being reserved for those courses or programs where hands-on learning is imperative and is being updated frequently based on the recommendations from the Government of Ontario and public health officials.  

What is the difference between online and virtual classes? 

Online classes (also known as 'self-paced' or 'asynchronous' learning) means the student can access the course materials at a time and location of their convenience, so long as they adhere to the course evaluation due dates. 

Virtual classes (also known as 'live' or 'synchronous' learning) means the student will need to commit to attending the class on the designated dates and times listed on the website. Classes will be held via a video conferencing platform. This modality mimics the on-campus experience.

Instructors are present in both modalities.  

How do I know what I signed up for?

Classes will be clearly identified as "virtual" or "online" on our course pages and on your receipt. Simply choose the option that best fits your learning style. 

I cannot find my course in SLATE - what do I do? 

Courses will take approximately 24 hours after registration to be loaded onto SLATE. If your course still does not appear on SLATE, please reach out to our Opportunity Centre at or IT at Service Desk at or (905) 845-9430 ext. 2150

Please ensure to provide your full name, student ID number, and missing course code.

If you are registering late and need access to your virtual classroom as soon as possible, please email our Opportunity Centre to be provided with a temporary link.

Do you have financial assistance options? 

Yes! CAPS is excited to provide our Financial Bursary option for those who qualify. Students enrolled in a Continuing Education program can now apply for a Sheridan Continuing Education Bursary! This bursary aims to provide financial support to students with low family income and resources. Eligible students will receive up to $200 per course, for a maximum of $500 per academic term.

The application is online and can be found here

What if I do not feel satisfied with the quality of my learning? 

If you feel you need to withdraw for whatever reason, please be sure to follow our Withdrawal, Refund, and Transfer rules deadlines as found here

Who I contact if I need assistance?

Our Opportunity Centre can assist with any inquiry. Please find them via the below methods:

Have a wonderful and successful Spring semester!