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Grades, Transcripts, and Student Records


To review your grades, login to Sheridan Central using your Sheridan username and password, go to Self Service, then choose MyStudent Centre.

Under the 'Academics' banner, choose Grades from the drop-down menu. 

Student Records & Transcript Requests 

You can request your student records and transcripts by following the instructions outlined on this page. Because all forms are official documents, your Sheridan student ID number, birth date and personal email address are required as confirmation of request. 

The combination of these three pieces of ID is used as your ‘electronic signature’.

OCAS or OUAC Transcript Requests

If you’re applying to another Ontario College and need your transcript, transcript requests must be made through OCAS. If you’re applying to an Ontario University, transcripts must be requested through OUAC. There’s no charge for Sheridan students and graduates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact our?Opportunity Centre at or 905-874-4440.