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COVID-19 Update FAQ'S

17 Mar 2020

This page is an additional resource for continuing and professional students at Sheridan for information regarding our response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The situation is rapidly and continually evolving. 

Updates to the main page are made frequently.  

Spring Term FAQ's

How is the Spring term affected?

We are currently transitioning applicable courses for online and alternate delivery methods, with anticipation that these courses will still begin on schedule in May. 

Will all courses be able to transition online?

We are aware that we offer many distinct and creative courses, where online learning may not be possible. If this is the case, we will be cancelling relevant offerings and rescheduling for future semesters. 

What is 'asynchronous' and 'synchronous' learning? 

Asynchronous learning (also known as 'self-paced learning') means that the student is able to access the course materials at a time and location that is convenient to them and their schedule. Synchronous learning (also known as 'live learning') means that students will need to commit to their class on the designated date and time, with fellow students and instructor present live. 

How do I know if my class is asynchronous or synchronous?

We have made it easy for students by using two different words - Virtual Campus identifies the class as synchronous, while Online identifies that the class is asynchronous. Further, by clicking on the "+" underneath the class, it will clearly identify if the class is asynchronous (virtual) or synchronous (online). 

How will I know what platform my virtual class is being held on?

Each virtual class is identified with what video streaming service they will use. By clicking on the "+" link underneath the class, it will clearly identify which service the instructor will be using (ex. ZOOM, SLATE, Skype, etc).

What are the Spring refund and withdrawal rules? 

For 'virtual classes', we will be abiding by the on-campus refund and withdrawal rules found here. Please scroll to find the refund rules for your number of class sessions. 

For 'online classes', we will be abiding by the online refund and withdrawal rules found here

Winter Term FAQ's

 Will I be able to finish the Winter term? 

With the newly adapted online or alternate modes of instructional delivery, we anticipate we will be able to successfully complete the Winter 2020 term for all students. 

 How will I know which delivery method my class is using? 

 Faculty members have been instructed to update their SLATE class with applicable information regarding next steps.  

 What if my class can’t be completed online? 

 If you are in a class where online learning is not an applicable solution, you will be contacted by one of our support staff members regarding next steps. 

 Am I able to withdraw and receive a refund?

If you are a student currently taking a course in the Winter 2020 term, and you wish to withdraw and receive a full refund, you may do so. If you wish to withdraw, please fill out the form

Refunds may take some time to process (6 weeks or more). Please be patient during this time.

 How will I know what to do next?

Instructors will be starting to reach out to students via their SLATE class and / or email. Over the next few days, we ask all students to start monitoring their SLATE and email accounts frequently.
How is my weekly topical outline impacted?
Instructors will be amending weekly topical outlines to adjust to the online / alternate delivery, and this will be distributed to students as the weeks progress. 
How will my assignments and evaluations be impacted?
Class evaluations and assignments may be amended to reflect the online / alternate nature of the classes. Class evaluations and assignment due dates may be amended appropriately to reflect the new online / alternate delivery. Changes will vary by class. A new course outline will be posted in SLATE if applicable.
How can I navigate SLATE?
SLATE is easily accessible with your Sheridan username and password - if you are missing this, please kindly call IT at 905-845-9430 ext. 2150. 
Are there helpful tutorials I can access?
SLATE has multiple online tutorials available to students, with a helpful introductory SLATE video . A list of helpful step-by-step instructions for students using SLATE, including instructions surrounding Discussion Boards and navigating Quizzes