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Jamessa Johnson: Human Resources Officer, Canada Post

9 Jan 2016

By Kevin Ritchie – NOW Magazine

"Officer" is another term for team leader. My job entails staffing, so I'm responsible for the recruitment process. 

After high school, I went to Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo and completed a bachelor's degree in communications studies and women's studies. After I graduated I took my human resources certificate at Sheridan College via online courses because I'd heard great things about the program. I strongly believe in getting an educational background in the career you want to pursue. When I decided to go into HR, I looked up the Sheridan courses. 

Having the option to study online was great, because I'm the type of person who likes to stay busy. Coming out of university, I had a really active lifestyle and wanted to keep learning. I had a full-time job in HR as a recruiter and a part-time job evenings and weekends in retail.

At university I was a student ambassador, which is what led me into recruiting. I was part of a team that led tours of the school for high school students, and I went to university fairs as well. When I graduated I travelled around Ontario to promote the university - a different type of recruiting but still recruiting.

A course that stood out at Sheridan was the one on recruiting and selection. It was great to learn the terminology and dos and don'ts of the profession. I was able to put it all together with what I was doing in my job at the time. I also took training and development and labour relations, which ties perfectly into Canada Post's unionized environment. 

Studying online took some getting used to, but I found that I was more committed because I was teaching myself. I was probably a little more organized than when I was in university. I had a professor I could call if I needed to, but I had to plan and prioritize. I would get assignments done in advance because I only had a few days of the week to do them.

Of the nine courses, I did eight online and one in class. That was managerial accounting, which was completely new to me. I had not done any work in the field or studied anything like it in university. We were dealing with numbers, so I decided to do it in class.

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