Project Scheduling Management

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Effective project managers utilize Microsoft Project (MSP) to effectively plan, schedule and allocate resources - and ensure efficient project completion. This course will teach you how to effectively schedule projects and measure progress by using reliable and robust project management tools including Microsoft Project (MSP). You will build expertise in managing constraints including time limits, human resources, materials, budget and specifications. By using earned value analysis (EVA), you will master techniques for estimating, forecasting, budgeting, tracking progress and analyzing project performance. Extend the knowledge and skills you acquired from MGMT79001 Fundamentals of Project Management by learning how to plan, schedule and allocate resources to manage projects more effectively. You will access a full version of Microsoft Project 2016 (MSP) via Virtual Remote Desktop. You will be required to purchase a textbook. Prerequisite(s): MGMT79001 Fundamentals of Project Management

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