Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

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Develop skills from basic image editing and retouching to makingadjustments and combining images with layers. Exercises are gearedtowards gaining a clear understanding of fundamental issuessurrounding file size, resolution and colour and how they relate topreparing images for print and/or the web. Instruction is in a MAC lab. 

Prerequisite(s): At least one year's experience on a Macintosh or PC (basic computer understanding).

Important Adobe Requirements Starting Fall 2019: As of Fall 2019, our Adobe registration requirements will be changing. Students will need to register for the course at least three (3) days prior to the course start date. Upon registration, students will need to register with Adobe and download a license linked to their Sheridan username. A license can be downloaded by visiting Upon the start date of the course, students will only be able to participate in the course if they've downloaded the appropriate license and logged in with their username and password. Last minute registrations will not be accepted. For information regarding the downloading of licenses, please contact our IT department at (905) 845-9430 ext. 2150 prior to the start date of your class. 

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