Excel Macros and VBA Level 3 - Formula and Functions

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Learn to use Excel's four Cell Referencing Methods for formula creation. Learn to use key Functions from Excel's built-in Function Categories. Learn to create User Defined Functions (UDFs), and learn VBA code differences between Macros and UDFs. Receive a Reference to VBA Functions. This third workshop builds upon Levels 1 and 2, and moves beyond use of the Macro Recording into introductory VBA programming.

Note: Students will need to have the Windows version of Microsoft© Excel 2007 or higher.

Prerequisite(s): APPL78386 Excel Macros and VBA Level 2 - Data Analysis.

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Day(s) / Time(s) Campus Start Date Sessions Price Select
- Online (Sheridan) Sep 17, 2019 - $378.58
- Online (Sheridan) Oct 15, 2019 - $378.58
- Online (Sheridan) Nov 12, 2019 - $378.58
- Online (Sheridan) Jan 14, 2020 - $378.58
- Online (Sheridan) Feb 11, 2020 - $378.58
- Online (Ont Learn) Mar 10, 2020 - $450.58

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