Payroll Fundamentals 1

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This course is the second requirement in the CPA's PCP certification. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: calculate regular individual pay; calculate non-regular individual pay; calculate termination payments; complete a Record of Employment (ROE); and communicate all aspects of individual pay requirements to various stakeholders. Note: In addition to the tuition fee paid to Sheridan, students must also register with the National Payroll Institution (NPI) and pay the NPI's applicable fee(s) $340 + taxes as current members or $439 + applicable taxes as new members in order to receive their course materials and get access to the online learning platform. Prerequisite(s): BUSM79008 Payroll Compliance Legislation System Requirements: Sheridan requires that you bring a laptop for the mid-term and final exams. You will need access to the internet to complete exams and some homework assignments. The following are recommended browsers to access course work and exams: Windows - Microsoft Edge 41 or later, Firefox 56 or later, Chrome 62 or later; MAC - Safari 10 or later.

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