Fanuc Robotics Programming

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Are you ready to learn how to utilize the many aspects of FANUC robotics systems? FANUC robots are used to help improve productivity, increase quality, maximize profits, and maintain a competitive edge in automated industrial sectors including automotive, food and beverage, aerospace, packaging, palletizing and many others. This course will provide you with the skills necessary to operate, program industrial processes, and troubleshoot issues with FANUC robots. In this course, you will complete topics like material handling, production operation, robotic programing, robotic operation, inputs and outputs, system integration, tool setup, frames, and coordinate systems. You will also complete robotics simulation using FANUC ROBOGUIDE software. After the successful completion of this course, you will have acquired fundamental skills in FANUC Robotics, and will be prepared to write the FANUC Robotics CERT Level 1 certification.

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