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Examine the various types of business ownerships. Particular emphasis is placed on the following topics: the corporate and administrative procedures involved in preparing and filing articles of incorporation; organizing a corporation by way of a minute book; preparing and filing relevant incorporation-related documents that relate to the composition of a corporation, i.e., articles of amendment, annual returns, extra-provincial filings, and dissolutions; financing issues and relevant searches; and share purchase agreements. In this area of law be familiar with the Act(s) governing the formation and operation of a corporation. This course is especially appropriate for those currently employed as law clerks or experienced legal secretaries. A good command of the written English language is a definite asset.

Note: There is a material fee of $67.80 embedded into the total course fee that is non-refundable after the first class. In addition to the student fee paid to Sheridan, students interested in writing the ILCO exam are responsible to register and pay the exam fee of $160 to ILCO.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum of Grade 12 and two years of work-related experience in the legal field is recommended.

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