Effective Strategies for Social Media

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The reach and impact of Social Media can be huge, but it can be tricky and backfire easily. Learn the best approaches for specific platforms - Twitter, Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr - or the hottest new social mediaplayers. Use aggregators to coordinate your efforts and find multipliers to spread your message in powerful ways. Whether you want to promote your own business, or land that social media manager position, this course can help you master the tools and techniques to succeed. As a blended course, there will also be a number of online activities.

Please note that the two on-campus portions of this course will be held on the first and last day of this course.

Please make sure to view specific course delivery details (date and class information) by clicking the '+' icon in each class listing.

NOTE: This is not an introductory Social Media course. Participants should be familiar with the basic Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

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