Managing Project Quality and Risk

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To deliver quality projects, you need to mitigate and manage risk.  Knowing how to analyze risk, and prepare a contingency plan and organize a risk response, are low-risk ways to deliver on project requirements. Integrating quality and risk deliberations into all project management processes will help fulfill the needs, expectations, and requirements of any project.  Risk management is critically important to an organization. You will develop a risk management plan to identify, analyze and respond to project risks. Through group discussions and exercises, you will learn to minimize the probability and severity of risks. You will develop the ability to analyze both the quality and risk management processes, and use tools and techniques to manage project quality and risk.  Apply the knowledge and skills acquired from MGMT79001 Fundamentals of Project Management to identify, mitigate and manage common project risks. You will be required to purchase a textbook.

Prerequisite(s): MGMT79001 Fundamentals of Project Management

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