Partnering with Vulnerable PopulationsContinuing and Professional Studies | Sheridan College

Partnering with Vulnerable Populations

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You will review public policy, human rights law and social theory as you critically examine the socio-economic factors that have influenced the health of vulnerable populations. Working through case studies, activities, and discussions, you will use a problem-solving approach to reframe your perspectives regarding ethical and equitable nursing care. You will analyze practical skills and approaches to implement collaborative interventions that empower others and create a partnership model of care when working with members of vulnerable and marginalized populations. Through the exploration of cultural differences, you learn the principles of culturally sensitive care and develop holistic health promotion strategies. Specific attention is focused on improving the health of Indigenous Peoples and other populations disadvantaged and marginalized by government and social policies, norms and perspectives.
Note: This course is restricted to students with CNO Letter of Assessment and/or Program Coordinator’s approval.

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