The 21st Century Skills - The Foundations Workshop Series

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The first workshop focuses on the foundations of personal, professional and workplace success.  You will learn the 4 dimensions of high performance thinking:  how to increase your creativity; deepen your understanding of self and others; improve your critical thinking and decision-making; and strengthen your resilience. The Foundation series is a high engagement learn-by-doing program. It focuses on the applications of brain-based research to help you develop 7 of the 21 essential skills for workplace success. You will learn: 
  • A simple common language for thinking, problem solving, and collaborating more effectively.
  • About your unique thinking style preferences and to appreciate how others think differently.
  • 2 creative thinking skills to increase your creativity: how to open up new possibilities by challenging assumptions; how to generate more ideas using different brainstorming techniques.
  • 2 understanding skills to improve your abilities in: how to sharpen results in task performance; how to emotionally tune-in and work with different people's emotions. 
  • 2 decision-making skills to improve your critical thinking abilities in:  getting to the crux of a problem; how to think things through to consistently make better decisions.
  • 1 essential skill to strengthen your resilience using the power of positivity and a constructive outlook.
You will learn how to be more successful at work, in your relationships with others by practicing these 7 skills. 
Note: This workshop will take place over two Saturday's. Attendance is mandatory on each day. 

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