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Corporate Training

Your vision. Our solutions. With Sheridan's flexible Corporate Training options, we are able to supply unique solutions to your business needs. 

Choose from programming available or create a tailored approach that is build around the support you need. 

Get in touch today to see if our Corporate Training solutions are for you. 

Our Corporate Training solutions offer programming and courses that can be tailored towards your specific business need. You can choose from our wide variety of popular and tried programming, or create a customized plan to your needs. 

Check out the Program Description tab for more details. 

Corporate Training Vision

Your vision. Our solutions. Together is a perfect blend of boundless opportunities for your employees. With Sheridan's Corporate Training options, we are able to supply unique training solutions that are catered towards your business needs. 

With our team of hands-on experienced instructors, cutting edge technical support, and enthuastic support staff, you will truly begin to experience the Sheridan difference. Enthusiastic

Our Corporate Training options can include:

  • Pulling from existing curriculum and programming to meet need
  • Developing customized programming that satisfies a specific need or requirement
  • and more!

Program Delivery

We can customize a delivery plan for your needs. Our popular modes of delivery include:




Held through video conferencing software, this modality allows participants to participate worldwide.


With a self-paced lens, this modality allows participants to work through the material at their own designated pace.


Let our educators come to you, with this hands-on on-site approach. (Please note this is subject to change based on ongoing pandemic regulations).


Join us in one of our three GTA-based campuses and be housed in specialized space for you and your team. (Please note this is subject to change based on ongoing pandemic regulations).


A blend of multiple modalities allows for a customized plan for your team.

Programming Options

The duration and length of your customized plan are unique to you and your team. Join us for individual workshops, semester long courses, or full credential programming. 

Popular Programming Areas

Programs and courses that may be of interest to you and your team include:

Check out our expansive list of programming and courses here.

Contact Us

If you are interested in Corporate Training solutions for your business, please reach out to our Opportunity Centre at or (905) 874-4440.