Data Science Frequently Asked Questions

Are there admission requirements?

There are no admission requirements for this program. However, post secondary education in a field related to computer science or mathematics is recommended.Alternatively, students would benefit from a basic understanding of programming concepts.

Are courses available on campus and online?

All courses are available in-class and online – your choice!

What course should I take first?
The order below is highly recommended but not mandatory. Note: Students should take Data Science Applied Project (INFO70042), as the last course in the program.

Term 1: Introduction to Analytics and Big Data MGMT70045, Data Exploration and Basic Statistics for Data Science INFO70038, Business Problem Analysis and Data Modeling INFO70037

Term 2:  Advanced Statistics for Data Science INFO70039 (Prerequisite: INFO70038),  Big Data Tools INFO70040

Term 3:  Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning INFO70041 (Prerequisite: INFO70039)

Term 4:  Data Science Applied Project INFO70042 (last course)

What do I need for the course?

You’re required to bring your own laptop to class. You’ll need reliable Internet access at home for homework and assignments. Check the course outlines for any specific requirements. There’s a link in each course description to ‘View course outline’. This document contains all course details, including: topics covered, the evaluation plan, resources and special notes/requirements. We suggest you read this document prior to enrolling in the course.

What are the fees per course?

All course fees are listed on fees listed are for domestic students; international students will be required to pay a different fee.

Are there additional fees for software?

There are no additional fees for software. Sheridan uses open source tools like R, Python, etc. We also provide access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the Big Data Tools course and the material fee is included in the course fee.

Can I apply for financial aid?

This program is not eligible for financial aid (including OSAP).

Additional program information

This program covers an array of data analytics tools, including – but not limited to – R, Python, Tableau and Hadoop. We provide resources to help students set up the development environment (or access to cloud servers in the case of Big Data Tools). Assignments are expected to be completed by working on those pre-determined tools. SQL is covered during the Business Problem Analysis and Data Modeling course. (Note: Data Modeling is not a database intro course.) This program will help prepare you to work in data science/analysis jobs. It covers the fundamental concepts of data analysis, as well as more advanced topics like Machine Learning and Big Data Tools. This program will help you develop skills in areas such as: data extraction, manipulation, basic analysis, predictive analytics and report presentation. The Applied Project course brings all of these concepts together and you’ll have a real-world project to show to potential employers.