Digital Photography Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first course I need to take?

It is recommended that you start with Basic Digital Photography (VDES70006).

What if I know how to use my camera – can I skip Basic Digital Photography?

You must have knowledge on shooting in manual mode, ISO. shutter, white balance and aperture, etc. These topics will be not be taught in Intermediate Digital Photography. However, to obtain your certificate you must complete all of the courses.

Do I need special equipment to take these courses?

A DSLR or mirrorless camera is required. Additional lighting equipment for more advanced courses will be provided in our photography studio.

Do we have access to photography equipment?

You’ll be able to use the studio equipment during your scheduled class time.

Can I take photography courses at any campus?

All the photography courses (with the exception of Basic Photography) are taught at the Trafalgar Road Campus.

Who teaches the courses?

All of our instructors are avid photographers with their own businesses and many years of experience.

How long will it take to get my certificate?

You need to complete 9 courses and have 5 years to complete the program requirements. We offer three semesters; Fall, Winter, Spring.

Can I take more than one course per semester?

You must met all the course prerequisites. We don’t recommend students take more than two courses per semester.

How can I register?
Online at; in-person at any Sheridan campus; or via telephone at 905-845-9430, option 3.