Admission Requirements

Check that you’re eligible to take the course(s) you’re interested in by reviewing the general admission requirements.

Welcome to Sheridan Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS)!

We are excited to welcome you on your journey to upskill, reskill, launch a second career, or indulge in a new hobby. With programming designed with your future in mind, let us help you design your future.

Sheridan Continuing & Professional Studies has open enrolment, which means that there are no requirements for admission (some exceptions apply, please see the Program Description tab of your specific program for more details).

General Admission Requirements

To be admitted for credit courses:

  • You must be a Grade 12 graduate or a mature student (aged 19 years or over)

General Course / Program Information

All courses at Sheridan Continuing & Professional Studies are in English. You should be confident in your ability to read, write, and comprehend the English language for maximum success in your course(s).

Prerequisites are a course or qualification that you need before you can begin another course. Prerequisites are listed on the individual course page. Make sure you have all the prerequisites required before registering for a course. If you have not met the prerequisites as listed, you may be asked to withdraw from the course or your success in the course can be impacted.

Admission Requirement Programs

Some programming will require an admission process (i.e. RPN Safe Practice Completion). In situations in where there are admission requirements, please see the Program Description tab for further details on how to register.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on admission requirements, please reach out to our Opportunity Centre at or (905) 845-9430 option #3.