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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

For assistance, contact us at caps@sheridancollege.ca or 905-845-9430 ext. 2690

I’m a new/current/returning student. What’s my username/password?

New students:

If you’re a new student to Continuing and Professional Studies, you’ll need to create a Sheridan account to register for a course.

Create your new Sheridan account with your personal email address at caps.sheridancollege.ca

Once you’ve registered, we’ll email your Sheridan student ID number and instructions to activate your Sheridan username/password. You will need to use your Sheridan username and password to register for courses, track your registration and manage your account.

Current and returning students:

If you’re a returning student and can’t remember your Sheridan login details, visit https://caps.sheridancollege. ca/shop/account/login.aspx to reset your password. Even if you forget your student ID, you can use your personal email address – the one that you used to create your account – and Sheridan can retrieve your username and reset your password.

You can also call the Information Technology Help Desk (ITSC): 905-845-9430 / 905-459-7533, x2150. They’ll be able to provide your username, password and Sheridan student ID.

Is there an admission process?

For credit courses, you must be a Grade 12 graduate or a mature student, aged 19 or older. Every program is unique; sometimes the admission requirements vary. Be sure to review the admission requirements for the specific program you want to take.

A prerequisite is a course or qualification that you need before you can begin another course. Make sure you have all the prerequisites before registering for a course. If you haven’t met the prerequisites you may be asked to withdraw from the course. Course prerequisites are listed in the course description.

What are the bookstore hours?

Bookstore hours vary depending on campus. Click here to view the hours of operation

How can I get my tax receipt?

To view and print your T2202A please check here

How can I book my final online exam?

If your online course has a final exam you’ll have to write it in person at the Davis Campus in Brampton. Click here to book your final exam online

Where can I view my grades? How can I get my transcript?

Login to Sheridan Central using your Sheridan username and password: Self Service > MyStudent Centre > Academics > Grades or Transcripts

I’ve finished all my courses. How can I get my certificate?

When you finish your program, contact Caps Records to request your credential. Please include your name, student number, program and the credential you’re seeking.

Sheridan reserves the right to reassess previously granted credits more than five years old to ensure their relevancy at the time of graduation.

Is there an employment consultant I can speak to about the career opportunities?

We offer a free 30-minute session at all three of our locations – Trafalgar Road, Davis and HMC – throughout the academic year. To book an appointment: 905-845-9430, x2690 or 905-459-7533, x2690.

How can I transfer credits or write a challenge exam?

To apply for Advance Standing or to write a PLAR exam, contact the Continuing and Professional Studies office for details: caps@sheridancollege.ca or 905-845-9430, x2690.

How do I log into my online course (SLATE or OntarioLearn)?

Sheridan offers two different online learning platforms: SLATE and OntarioLearn. Refer to your course to determine which one you’re registered in.

SLATE students: Login in to SLATE

OntarioLearn students: https://ontariolearn.com

Where do I park? How much is parking?

Paid parking’s available at all campuses. The bookstores at the Trafalgar Road and Davis campuses sell shorterterm permits (Evening Semester). Debit, cash and major credit cards are accepted.


Weekend complimentary parking is available at the Trafalgar Road and Davis campuses.

If you’re taking a course at the Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga), check parking information here: https://www.sheridancollege.ca/life-at-sheridan/ campus-services/parking/fees-hmc

How do I know what textbook I need to purchase?

Read your course outline to determine if a textbook is required for the course.

I’m having trouble logging into SLATE.

Refer here for information on navigating SLATE

When will I get my refund?

The Office of the Registrar requires 4 weeks to process your refund.

What's the refund policy?

 The refund policy differs per course. Refer here for the most up to date policy

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Contact the Financial Aid Office