Frequently Asked Questions

Let's discuss answers to some frequently asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Going back to school can be stressful – let us help take the stress out of your academic journey by answering some frequently asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact if I need help?

Our Opportunity Centre is open for assistance! Our Opportunity Centre can assist with:

  • Program and Course Inquiries
  • Recommended Academic Program Pathways
  • Financial Bursary Inquiries
  • Withdrawal, Transfer, or Refund Information
  • Username and Password Inquiries 
  • and more!

All our Opportunity Centre agents are bilingual, so we are open to serve you in your preferred language.

Contact us at:

Phone (905) 874-4440
  • I'm a new / current / returning student. How do I find my username and password? 

For new students, your username and temporary password will be provided to you via a Welcome Email from Sheridan after enrolment. This welcome email will also contain instructions on how to activate your username and password, and how to update to a new password. 

For current and returning students, if you do not remember your Sheridan login details, please visit here to reset your password. Even if you forget your student ID number, you can still use your personal email address to retrieve your account (please ensure it's the personal email address you used to originally register for your CAPS course). From there, Sheridan can retrieve your username and password. 

If you have any issues with your username and password, our Opportunity Centre can assist with retrieving your credentials by calling (905) 845-9430 option #3.

All Sheridan Continuing & Professional Studies students will require their Sheridan username and password to access their SLATE course and their MyStudentCentre, will will help track your courses, your registration, and manage your account. Further, it can be utilized to continue to register for courses on our website. 

  • Is there an admission process?

Every program is unique, and admission requirements can vary. Should a program have admission requirements, this information is outlined in detail in the Program Description tab. 

At this moment, our general admission guidelines for credit courses are that:

  • Students are over the age of 19 years; OR
  • Have a high school diploma 

Students must also be aware of course prerequisites. Prerequisite information can be found embedded within the course descriptions. A prerequisite is a course or qualification that you will need before you can successfully begin another course. Students are required to ensure they have the correct perquisites in place prior to enrolling in courses. If students have not met prerequisites, their success within the course may be impacted, and they could be asked to withdraw. 

  • Are classes currently being held on-campus?

During the current pandemic, Continuing & Professional Studies has pivoted to online and virtual delivery, with on-campus delivery being held for specific programs only. Classes will be clearly identified as online or virtual on the course page. You can learn more about Sheridan's Coronavirus (COVID-19) response here.

  • What is the difference between online and virtual learning?

Online (also known as self-paced or asynchronous learning) means that the student can complete the course work on their own desired schedule, so long as they adhere to the course evaluation and due dates. There is an instructor and fellow classmates involved. 

Virtual (also known as live or synchronous learning) means that the student must commit to being online on certain dates and times, as indicated on our course pages, to participate in a live lecture. This modality mimics the on-campus experience, with live lectures, discussions, break-out rooms, and more. These courses will be held via a video conferencing platform. 

  • How do I know which textbook(s) I need to purchase?

Textbook requirements can be found embedded within our handy course outlines. Course outlines can be found on each individual course page, and a handy search tool can be found here as well. When on the course outline, scroll down to topical outline to view the textbooks requirements for your individual course. 

  • Where can I purchase my textbooks?

Sheridan's bookstores are available all all three (3) campuses, and continue to operate remotely during the pandemic. Textbooks and supplies are currently available for shipment. Visit our bookstore website here

  • Do I qualify for financial assistance? 

Our CAPS Financial Bursary is designed to help your in your academic journey. A detailed breakdown of requirements and an online application can be found here. If you have any questions about our financial bursary or the application process, please reach out to

  • This is my first online / virtual course. How do I use SLATE?

Our online learning platform entitled SLATE will house your course materials, virtual classrooms, assignments, discussion boards, and more. We highly recommend students read over SLATE's Getting Started documentation and review this YouTube video. Students will require their username and password to access SLATE. 

  • This is my first online course. How do I use OntarioLearn?

OntarioLearn is an online learning platform that is Ontario-wide. It is one of the two online platforms that Sheridan utilizes for it's online classes. Students can view this HelpDesk for Frequently Asked Questions, or review this YouTube video. Students will require their OntarioLearn username and password to access OntarioLearn. This information will be provided from our a few days before class starts. 

  • How can I get my tax receipt? 

Students are able to view and print their tax receipts (T2202A) at their leisure. A detailed breakdown of how you can successfully find your required tax receipts can be found here

  • How can I view my grades? How can I request a transcript?

Students can view their grades and request a transcript from their MyStudentCentre account within SheridanCentral. The pathway to find is:

  • Self-Service | MyStudentCentre | Academics | Grades or Transcripts 

Continuing & Professional Studies cannot request transcripts on the students behalf. 

  • I have completed my credential. How do I request it?

Congratulations on completing your credential! To request it, students will need to submit this online Status Check form. To successfully complete, students will be required to provide:

  • Full Name and Contact Information 
  • Student ID Number
  • Name of Program and Credential 

Submitted applications can take up to six (6) weeks to review. 

  • Does Continuing & Professional Studies offer employment services? 

Our Education & Employment Pathway Specialist can assist with your professional needs. They are the perfect step for those who wish to:

  • Map out their academic vs. professional goals 
  • Review your resume and improve your interview skills
  • and more!

To book a free 30 minute appointment with one of our Opportunity Centre Agents, please contact our Opportunity Centre at

If there is a question you do not see an answer to, please reach out to our Opportunity Centre today for assistance!