Explore Sheridan College fees.


To be fully registered for a course, all fees must be paid-in-full at the time of registration. Course fees are shown in each course description. All fees include administrative, lab and/or material fees, and HST if applicable.

For accepted payment methods (for in-person, online, and mail-in registration options), please see the Registration Information.

Breakdown of Mandatory Continuing Education Administration Fees:

Administrative fees




Registration Fee



Transcript Fee



Career Advisement Fee



Student Advisement Fee


Sheridan Fees




Information Technology

$0.5952/student course contact hour


Student Centre Building Fund

$0.048/student course contact hour


Health Services Fee

$0.047/student course contact hour


Student Life Fee

$0.024/student course contact hour 

All Sheridan College fees noted above are incorporated into the course fee shown with each course.

Seniors Fees:

Choose to be a lifelong learner. Why not when it costs so little?! If you’re 65 or older, continuing education courses are offered at a reduced rate of $50 per course, plus any applicable lab and/or material fees.*

* The Seniors fee is only for courses delivered on-campus. All online and association-related courses, CAD/CAM, Adobe, AVID and IATSI courses are not available for the seniors’ fee reduction (as noted in the Program section).

Seniors are able to register for courses with reduced fees through the online e-store. You must be an authenticated user for the reduced fees to display. If you have any problems registering, don’t hesitate to call 905-845-9430, press # 3 for a contact agent to assist you.

International Student Fees

If you’re an International Student (meaning you’re not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada), you need to get permission to register at Sheridan College from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Please be aware that International student fees will apply. If you are already attending Sheridan, you should automatically have the international fee applied to your account for any Continuing and Professional Studies courses.

Extra Fees

There may be extra course costs that are not covered in the tuition fee. Things like textbooks, art supplies, lab supplies and/or other course-specific items are incremental to the course tuition fee. Review the course description to see if additional supplies will be needed for your specific course.