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Welcome to Sheridan's Continuing and Professional Studies website. Whether you’re a returning student or brand new to Sheridan, we hope this site provides all the information you need for success in your learning journey. 

Now you are registered and wondering what are my next steps?

Here is a checklist of important items to get you started!

Continuing and Professional Studies Student Checklist

Sheridan Username and Password

All students need a Sheridan username and password to register for courses and access their Sheridan online account. 

Forgot your password?

If you are a returning student and can’t remember your Sheridan login details, visit the Forgot your Password tool to reset your password. Even if you forget your student ID, you can use your personal email address, the one that you used to create your account, and Sheridan can retrieve your username and reset your password. Alternately, you can call the Information Technology Help Desk (ITSC) at 905-845-9430 / 905-459-7533 ext. 2150. They'll be able to provide your username, password and Sheridan student ID.

New to Sheridan?

If you haven’t yet created an account, you’ll need to do so before registering for a course. You can create an account with your personal email address and once you’ve registered, you’ll be emailed your Sheridan login credentials. Once you have your Sheridan student ID, username and password, you’ll be able to register for any course that piques your interest.

Programs and Courses

To search for a particular course or program, or to browse course options under a particular Program or Area of interest, click the Explore menu. 

You can also review Sheridan’s popular programs, explore programs by their credential or peruse courses alphabetically to get a full view of what Sheridan has to offer.

There are so many new ways to find the program or course that’s right for you, it's a good time to get started.

How do I register 

To register for a course, you’ll need to create a Sheridan account first. After you’ve set up your account, simply follow the instructions on ‘How to register’. Sheridan will confirm your registration by email and will send your Sheridan email address, username and password to your personal email address. Those login credentials must be used for all Sheridan communications after your initial account set up. If there are changes to your course(s), notification will only be sent to your Sheridan email address, so be sure to check it regularly.

MyStudent Centre

MyStudent Centre is the hub for all your Sheridan communications and the place to find important school-related information. To open your Sheridan communications portal, login to Sheridan Central using your Sheridan credentials and go to MyStudent Centre. Once you are logged into MyStudent Centre, you can

• update personal information
• view class schedules
• view grades
• obtain T2202a tax receipts

Studying on Campus

You’ve registered for a course, now what?

Click here to find useful information on where to find your student ID, how much parking costs, college campus maps and how to find classroom details on your course(s).

Studying Online

There are 2 different learning environments for Sheridan’s online courses. Each environment has slightly different login requirements, so check your registration receipt if you are unsure which environment you'll be studying in. If you have any questions about online studies, please email our Opportunity Centre at caps@sheridancollege.ca or call (905) 845-9430 option #3. 

Course Details

Many course-specific questions can be answered by reviewing the course outline. Things like how many hours your course is, your instructor’s contact information, if you should buy books before your course starts and how many credits your course is worth, can all be found in the individual course outlines through the Explore Courses menu.

Withdrawals, Transfers, Refunds

We understand that sometimes changes to course selections have to be made. In this area of the website, you’ll get important information about how to add, drop or transfer courses, what the deadlines are and whether or not you’ll get a refund if you withdraw. And if you have any questions you can feel free to contact us at capswithdraw@sheridancollege.ca

Track my Progress

If you’re planning on completing a Program, enjoy Sheridan's convenient progress tool to help you plan your learning and track your advancements. Use it to set your learning goals and chart your academic achievements as you complete the required courses in any of our Programs. As soon as you’ve set up an account, the Track My Progress tool will show your progression every step of the way.