Preparing For Your Online Course

There are different online courses available through Sheridan College. Whether you’re looking for a specific course or hoping to find something out-of-the-ordinary, you’ll find it here.

To start, you'll need to register for a Sheridan student account. From there, the world of online learning is your oyster. Register for the course that ignites your interest and open a world full of inspiration.

Purchasing Textbooks

You can buy books, texts and/or course materials for online learning through the campus bookstore.

To find out what books or materials are needed for your course, you may refer to your course outline. Here are the steps on how to find this information:

  1. Using the search tool in the top right-hand corner of our website, type in the course name or course code and select the applicable course title.
  2. You will then be directed to the course page where you will find information pertaining to that course and a link titled ‘view course outline’
  3. Select that link and scroll down the page until you see the header titled ‘Section III: Topical Outline
  4. If there is more than one instruction mode listed, please select the instruction mode you plan to register for.
  5. A separate window will pop-up and will include a resource section outlining the materials required for your course.
  6. Once you have this information, please visit our campus bookstore.  If you need further assistance, please contact our Opportunity Centre.
  7. From our campus bookstore site, scroll down and select the campus location you wish to purchase your textbook from.
  8. Once selected, you will be directed to a page specific to that bookstore location.
  9. Scroll down to the middle of the page where it references ‘Get Your Textbooks’ and select the ‘Enter Courses Option’ under the ‘Shop by Courses’ header.
  10. Enter the term you are planning to purchase books for.
  11. Then you will enter the details of the course:
    i. Where it asks for ‘Department’ you will search for the 4 letters that makeup your course code. (For example, for course code ACCG70016, you would search for ‘ACCG’)
    ii. Where it asks for ‘Course’ you will search for the 5 numbers that makeup your course code. (For example, for course code ACCG70016, you would search for ‘70016’)
    iii. Where it asks for ‘Section’ you will enter the section of the course you have registered for. If you are unsure, please connect with our Opportunity Centre for assistance.
  12. Click on ‘Find Materials for 1 Course’. If you plan to register into multiple courses for the same term, enter all course details before clicking on the ‘Find Materials’ button.
  13. Select your preferred resource option (digital, used, new, etc.) 
  14. Proceed to checkout 

Note: Students are welcome to source for alternative options for e-publishers. For more details or further assistance please contact the CAPS Opportunity Centre

Logging in to Your Course

Please note: You will not have access to your course until the start date

NOTE: Students will no longer be able to use Internet Explorer to access D2L/Slate. Please use Microsoft Edge. 

Online courses are offered through different learning environments: SLATE, and ONTARIOLEARN. Because there are two different learning environments, there are two different ways to login to your course, depending on which learning environment you’re attending. Please refer to REGISTRATION & FEES under Studying Online for more information about login for each environment.

SLATE Course Login

Are you a new student using SLATE?

A great reference is Getting Started with SLATE video  to get you started.

How to forward your SLATE email to your personal email account:

To login to SLATE, please visit

If you are having difficulties with SLATE email the SLATE help desk at:

Or call: 905-459-7533 ext 2150

OntarioLearn Course Login

To login to OntarioLearn, please visit, then click login.

If you are having trouble logging in, please watch the: Log In Tutorial Video

Visit the OntarioLearn Help Desk at:

Or call: 1-800-695-5008

Before calling, please have your User ID, password and OntarioLearn course code handy.

If you have general questions about online learning or require non-technical help, feel free to contact us at or call 905-459-7533 ext 2961