Sheridan CAPS Student Services

Sheridan has many different services available to students. Let's look into them.

Sheridan CAPS Student Services

There are many different services available to students. Let's look at some in detail: 

Accessible Learning Services

Accessible Learning (AL) is responsible for providing academic accommodation planning for students with disability to ensure barrier-free access to education. We offer a wide range of services for students who identify as having a documented physical, learning, mental health or temporary disability. Accommodation plans and services are tailored to correspond with your documentation and program-specific requirements. Learn more by clicking the link above or emailing Accessible Learning at

Tutoring Centre

As a CAPS student, get the tutoring and study skills you need with our Tutoring Centre. Learning Assistants (LAs) can assist in tutoring in specific subject areas including match, accounting, finance, statistics, English (writing, communication, speaking), and more. Appointments can be up to one (1) hour in length. Learn more about helpful Learning and Study Tips here

Education & Employment Counselling

Sheridan CAPS students can book a free appointment with our Education & Employment Pathway Specialist to help match their career goals with their best path forward. Booking is easy and can be done by emailing  

Financial Assistance

CAPS Financial Bursary is designed to help you achieve your academic goals. This bursary aims to provide financial support to students with low family income and resources. Eligible students can receive up to $200 per course, to up to $500 per academic semester. Learn more by clicking the link above or emailing

Library Services

All of Sheridan's Library Services are open to CAPS students. Find guides to doing research, learn how to properly cite sources, find information about printing, learn more about copywriting - the possibilities are endless! They're the perfect stop if you want to ace your assignments. 

Information Technology Services

Did you know how to set up your Sheridan email? Did you know Sheridan students receive access to deeply discounted or free software? Do you know how to reset your password? Explore the Information Technology portal today. 

There are many different services available to students. If you want to inquire or need help getting in touch with the right one, please contact our Opportunity Centre at or (905) 845-9430 option #3.